Planet Recycling Company

Recycling is an easy way to serve your community, preserve natural resources and turn waste into income. Planet Recycling Company is a full service recycler established in 1995 to meet the increasing demand for recycling. Through participation in a recycling program, you can receive income for materials that may be currently going to your landfill. With the ever-growing demand for recycled products, now is the time to get involved and make a difference.


Planet Recycling has been a dedicated supplier to the mill for over 20 years. This proven dedication provides a comfort level to the mill knowing that we can depend upon this portion of our raw material supply helping to meet our production needs. I wish all of our suppliers could be as dependable as Planet Recycling.

— Jim Shupe

I prefer to do business with companies that give great service and a fair price. That is the reason I have worked with Planet Recycling for over 10 years.

— Keith Wilson

Planet Recycling goes above and beyond to provide personalized service to their clients. Planets relationships with the mills and other buyers means we move material out the door. That kind of service helps to keep our processing costs under control while maximizing our profits on our material they sell. We have been a client since 1997!

— Ron Watkins