Program Set-Up

Planet Recycling can assess your solid waste and make recommendations on which materials should be pulled from your waste stream. Once identified, we will recommend methods to collect these materials for marketing. Help our earth. Get into the program:

  • Educate others on waste reduction and recycling
  • Avoid excessively-packaged items and buy in bulk
  • Reuse containers and substitute disposable items with durables
  • Purchase items that are recyclable
  • Keep recyclables clean and free of contaminants

Sales & Financing

Planet Recycling can determine mill requirements for your materials and recommend which equipment will best process the material at the lowest cost. If necessary, Planet Recycling offers financing on equipment to suppliers that qualify. See our products and solutions for more information regarding products.

Resource Matching

Planet Recycling will take your waste material and will find the best match for the product. This results in getting the maximum revenue for your product and a guaranteed home for said material. Planet is always interested in searching out new homes for material that previously was considered unusable.


Planet Recycling provides all transportation for material. Material is shipped by truck, rail, or container. Suppliers who wish to deliver material to the mill may do so, provided they meet all insurance requirements. Planet offers guaranteed movement of material, most of which is moved within 24 hours.